Sketchup online PST

Wed 08 June 2022
16:30 - 19:00
Online training
Microsoft Teams

Traffic nuisance due to road works until summer 2022 for RENSON Academy in Anzegem.

Target audience

Sales, offer clerk, internal and external account manager(s)


Sketchup Up Pro 2020


The aim of this course is to teach you the basic knowledge of Sketchup:

  • Module I: Introduction:
    • Terminology
    • Basic drawing tools
    • Shortcut keys
  • Basic drawing
    • How do I draw a baseground?
    • How do I draw and copy a component?
    • How do I draw a basic garden with terrace?
  • 3D SketchUp library:
    • How do I download a 3D Renson Outdoor model into SketchUp?
    • How do I define the parameters options of my 3D Renson model?
    • How do I color a 3D Renson model?
    • How do I export the SketchUp file to the end customer?

Practical info:

- No prior knowledge required.

- Download SketchUp Pro for the start of the online training. After registration, we will send you a manual to get started.

- This is an online training via Microsoft Teams. We use the specified e-mail address of the registration, to send you the link to participate in the training. If the link has to be sent to a different or additional e-mail address, please send a message to training@renson.eu.