Invisivent EVO UT

The Invisivent evo UT is the acoustic variant of the Invisivent evo, specially developed for utility building. The Invisivent evo UT was developed in the view of the ventilation of areas with a high occupancy level. The self-regulating valve only comes into effect with a wind pressure 10Pa, so that there is constantly a higher level of basic ventilation. This window ventilation is only suitable for utility building where the natural supply and mechanical supply of fresh air are in the same area.
  • Aesthetic window profile solution
  • For rooms with high occupancy rate/utilization rate
  • With thermal break
  • Integrated, replaceable acoustic foam
  • For non-residential construction with both supply and extraction in the same room
  • I-flux
  • Insect-proof
  • Burglar-resistant
  • High acoustic damping: 39 (0;-1) dB