Endura Delta 380

The Endura Delta 380 of Renson is part of the balance ventilation group, also known as the ventilation system type D. The unique demand-driven Renson ensures that the system standardly responds to moisture, CO2 and odours (VOC). This way, the system will be extremely energy efficient and will only ventilate when it is necessary. With a flow up to 380 m³/h, this unit is suitable for standard homes. The Endura Delta 380 is available with 4 top connections (T4) or 2 top and 2 bottom connections (T2/B2). Furthermore it is possible to choose whether a pre-heating element must be fitted on the device. A very practical and simple Endura Delta application can be used to set up the ventilation system. Apart from setting up the system, the application can also be used by the residents to follow up the operation of the ventilation system.
  • Demand-driven ventilation
  • Controlled via endura delta app
  • Quieter operation