Odormatic Breva 60v2

The ODORMATIC Breva 60v2 is an engine-less extractor hood that is controlled via the demands-based mechanical ventilation system Health box II (Compact) and it forms an integral part of the energy-saving ventilation system C+ EVO II. The ODORMATIC Breva 60v2 can be used as extraction point for basic ventilation in the kitchen! The engine-less Odormatic extractor hood is connected to Health box II. The ventilator is outside the kitchen, which means there is no disturbance from noise or smells. Furthermore, the ventilation in the kitchen and the extractor hood is connected to one outlet pipe. A very important trump in apartment buildings is that this means that one central pipe can be used in stead of two separate pipes. This leads to a significant space saving. The Odormatic Breva is an elegant extractor hood that was specially developed for a quasi invisible integration (built in) in your kitchen. The Breva has 600 mm wide and 900 mm versions.
  • Needs-based ventilation
  • Aesthetic integration
  • Compact housing
  • All components are pre-assembled
  • Softer operation