Easyflex distribution box 8 connections

The distributor box is part of the Easyflexᆴ range. This distributor box has the option to feed 2 Easyflexᆴ and up to 6 pipes can be connected to it. This way the distribution box can be installed centrally in stead of connecting it directly to the primary pipe. The 2 supply pipes can be connected with the double valve connection (G0013118) or the straight double reducer (G0013141). A smooth installation is ensured by using the distributor box on the supply and outlet pipes of a ventilation system D. The Easyflexᆴ can be connected directly to the distributor box via the included Easyflexᆴ metal brackets (G0013137) in combination with the flat oval connector (G0013111). The limited height of the Easyflexᆴ distributor box ensures that the box with channels ensures that the channels can easily be included in the screed, in the concrete or in false walls / ceilings. The large section of the distribution box and the channel connections ensures that high air flows can be transported at low air speeds, which results in the silent operation of the ventilation system. Content: 2 x distributor box (G0013136) 16 x metal brackets (G0013137)
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