Easyflex inspection hatch

Every distributor box can be converted to a distributor box with inspection window within a few minutes. The screws are included and ensures that it can be mounted quickly (open and close). The inspection hatch can be built into above and below the distribution box and as such can be used for screed, concrete and false walls / ceilings. The sustainable high quality inspection hatch ensures permanent access to the Easyflexᆴ air channel system for cleaning and/or inspecting all parts. The inspection date, the responsible party and any remarks can be stated on the label. This way, the maintenance can always be followed up carefully. The sealing mouse ensures the perfect sealing of the network of channels, which optimises the air flow. The inspection hatch can be built into: - Distributor box on the right 160mm (G0013140) - Distributor box perpendicular 160mm (G0013135) - Distributor box 8 connections (G0013136)
Product Variants