Easyflex flexible connection piece

The Easyflex connector can be used to couple the fixed flat channels (G0013126) and flexible channels (G0013110). The connector consists of 350 mm flexible air channel with a connection sleeve with rubber along both sides. It can be sued for horizontal and vertical curves of maximum 90°, but also for other difficult obstacle points (e.g.: S curve). The flexible connector has an outer diameter of 140 x 64 mm and an equivalent inner diameter of 90 mm. The large section of the air channel ensures that high air flow and low air speeds can be transported, which results in a silent operation of the ventilation system. The limited height of the Easyflex connector ensures that it can be easily incorporated into false walls/ceilings. It can also be poured in to creed or concrete provide strengthening/reinforcement is provided. The inner wall has anti-static properties that prevents culmination of dust and the outbreak of bacteria.
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