Design XL roof exhaust for tiled roofs

The Renson design roof gland is designed for the optimum removal of ventilation air via the roof. The roof gland is characterised by its technical superiority and esthetic design. Its unique design guarantees an extremely low air resistance that benefits the operation of the ventilation system. Further, it looks very nice and the roof gland fits very nicely in modern, classic and slated roof panels. A conscious decision is made to use lead-replacement material for ecological reasons and to avoid lead-strips on the roof. The universal and slated roof panels consists of valuable polypropylene. The Flex is built-in with a powerful, lead-free flexible slab, based on silicone. The Rensons roof flow is specifically developed to guarantee the correct functioning of the Renson ventilation systems. Waterproofing for the roof and sub-roof.
Product Variants