Tuesday 25 September 2018

Renson opens brand-new Concept Home

Testing, experimenting and monitoring for energy-efficient, healthy and comfortable living

Waregem (Belgium), 20/9/2018 – Renson is opening the Renson Concept Home just a stone’s throw away from its headquarters on the E17. Concealed behind the facade of this modern family home is a genuine test centre where the Waregem manufacturer of ventilation, solar shading and outdoor living can conduct and monitor experiments under real living conditions.

The Concept Home is first and foremost a real life test environment – at a later stage with residents – where a lot of practical data can be gathered. These data are of inestimable importance for research into the development of new technologies and to be enable realistic objectives for energy-efficient, healthy and comfortable living. CEO Paul Renson cites an example: “This home is equipped with no fewer than 3 different ventilation systems so that they can be compared under exactly identical conditions, for example. But the latest gadgets to prevent overheating indoors are also built in”.

The Renson Concept Home is also an experience centre which will be open to professional customers (architects, installation engineers, consultancies etc.): a textbook example of nearly-zero-energy building with the latest techniques for the best indoor air quality, comfortable indoor temperatures and pleasant outdoor living. It reveals how the intelligent use of sustainable, natural elements such as light and air contributes in a sustainable manner to healthy living, but also creates maximum comfort.

Flemish Energy Minister Bart Tommelein says: “I welcome companies investing in experiments such as these to support the search for the most energy-efficient technologies for a healthy indoor climate. This home will provide accurate information as to how the technologies used interact. That way, theory and practice can be better matched to one another. We do have to handle energy more efficiently to achieve our European objectives, but also to keep energy bills affordable”.

Ultimately, this Concept Home is the perfect opportunity for Renson to demonstrate how far innovation can go nowadays. It is constructed on the basis of existing total concepts, but at the same time provides scope for new developments. “This Concept Home gives us the opportunity to experiment with innovations that are responding to the rapidly changing architectural aspects of building and renovation,” Paul Renson adds.