Tuesday 07 May 2019

Avoid overheating by using Renson’s external solar shading and intensive ventilation

The complete solution for living comfortably in acceptable indoor temperatures

Today’s challenge is to design housing based on the occupant’s comfort. And overheating the indoors should absolutely be avoided. Renson works on this front with an intelligent complete solution that uses dynamic external solar shading and intensive ventilation. So, even on hot days, it is possible to maintain acceptable indoor temperatures in a natural manner without power-guzzling air conditioning. To do so, it is important that this is taken into account right from the initial design.

Preventing overheating: intensive night cooling using burglar-resistant window louvres

Last summer provided definitive proof of how it is increasingly more often a challenge to maintain indoor temperatures in energy-efficient housing during hot spells. Preferably, you want this for free. And, the good news is this is indeed possible. So, expensive air conditioning is not the only solution.

Now more than ever as the number of hot days per year has noticeably increased, the search for alternatives that keep down indoor temperatures is a ‘hot’ trend. Controlling incoming sunlight (using Fixscreen dynamic and wind tight external solar shading) is one efficient solution. But, effectively keeping the indoors cool requires something more, namely, night cooling or intensive ventilations using large window louvres. You can leave these open the entire night in hot spells without having to worry because the louvres are burglar, water, and insect proof. Window louvres allow large amounts of cooler air inside to help cool off the interior. When this provides five air changes per hour, the indoor temperature can be reduced by at least five degrees in the summer… in a natural manner and for free. The glazed-in louvres for intensive night cooling are fitted with an insect screen and are burglar-resistant.

In any case, it is important that each louvre is recessed or mounted in such a way that it is resistant to break-ins. And this is especially true in places that are accessible or where a door handle or lock is located nearby. Depending on the type and the required class, this is the reason that Renson’s built-in louvres are equipped with stainless-steel mounting bolts (RC2) or steel rods to secure these in the wall (RC4) and mounted louvres are installed with anti-burglary screws. All visible parts of Renson’s anti-burglary louvres are made of 100% aluminium and provide a sleek, aesthetic finish and optimal sustainability (rusting is not possible).

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