Ventilation tips to prevent further contamination

In case that you are ill or getting ill, the Healthbox 3.0 ventilation unit can be adapted as such, so it functions in the best way possible. In just a few simple steps, you can set it up so that germs spread as little as possible in the house:

1  Does your Healthbox extract the polluted indoor air from every bedroom (Smartzone)?
a. Preferably keep a sick person in one bedroom as much as possible. The Healthbox 3.0 Smartzone ventilation unit will directly remove the polluted air to the outside. This will prevent bacteria/viruses from spreading to the rest of the house.
b. Set the profile of that room in the Healthbox app to ‘intense’ so that more polluted indoor air is extracted than usual.
c. Close the window vents in that bedroom, but at the same time fully open the vents in all other rooms in the house.
d. Bacteria/viruses are removed in no time and fresh air is supplied from all other rooms to the bedroom in question.

2  Does your Healthbox only automatically extract the polluted indoor air from the humid areas (such as kitchen and bathroom)?
a. Preferably keep a sick person in one bedroom as much as possible.
b. Open all the window vents in the house in order to get a maximum supply of fresh air so that the number of bacteria/viruses can be optimally reduced.
c. Set the room profile in the Healthbox app to ‘intense’ for both the bathroom and kitchen.
d. Airborne contamination is not caused by exposure to 1 or a limited number of Covid-19 particles. Contamination occurs when you are exposed to a large number of particles. Ventilation is extremely important here, since it dilutes the number of particles before they are removed to the outside. This greatly reduces the risk of contamination. In a period of no more than 1 hour, the air in the house is completely replaced by healthy outside air.

3  Don’t have a ventilation system?
a. Preferably keep a sick person in one bedroom as much as possible.
b. Try to keep one window constantly open about 0.5 cm so that there is a continuous minimum of natural ventilation.
c. Lightly heat the room to keep it comfortable.
d. Ventilate all the rooms in the house regularly.
e. Flush the toilet with the lid closed so that no Covid-19 particles can be dispersed in the air.
f. Make sure there is sufficient ventilation in the toilet. If you don't have any windows, consider the Renson Waves. The Renson Waves is a decentralised, smart ventilation system for wet rooms that automatically detects CO2, odours and moisture. If the air is of poor quality, Waves will automatically extract it.