Algarve Canvas

The Renson Algarve Canvas is a stylish patio cover with a fixed roof and consists of 2 ingenious layers for extra robustness. The top layer has an enameled steel plate with an anti-condensation layer. Beneath this is an aesthetic canvas screen that stretches across the canopy. This elegant canvas screen has a soft appearance and comes in 8 different hues which match your home. You can also connect various Algarve patio covers for a spacious covered area. You will always feel sheltered beneath this patio cover with a fixed roof. However, you can also opt for side elements to make your cocoon even more secluded. You can choose stylish sliding panels , a fixed horizontal aluminum louvered wall or even a glass sliding wall so as not to lose the view of your garden. Make it complete with Fixscreen solar shading to escape from the sun’s rays or choose LED lighting so you can enjoy this patio cover with a fixed roof at night too.
  • Can withstand heavy snow
  • Precision custom work
  • Superior quality