Camargue Skye

The Camargue Skye gives you an open feeling, while keeping you secluded. You can rotate the aluminum louvers on the roof of the canopy according to your preferences. You can even slide them open fully thanks to the S-drive technology. This patio cover with a retractable roof is ideal for allowing the maximum amount of sunlight to enter during the winter. It’s also perfect for admiring starry skies in the summer. When you need to keep rain, snow and wind at bay, the double-walled louvers do this with ease. The louvers on the canopy can be tilted. This allows you to adjust them for the ideal amount of incoming light. On hot days, the louvers allow warm air to escape easily. Not only is this patio cover extremely functional, it also has a very sleek look. All wires, anchors and drainage channels are hidden away. This patio cover with a retractable roof can be either freestanding or attached to the facade. You can personalize it in an enormous number of ways. For instance, you can choose windproof screens , a Loggia system or glass sliding panels as a side element. Alternatively, you can create a pleasant and cozy atmosphere with LED lighting and a music or heating system.
  • Purest design
  • Can withstand heavy snow
  • Precision custom work
  • Superior quality