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Extra indoor space, daylight and openness

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Raamuitbouw Renson concept home

Extra indoor space, daylight and breath-taking views

This new, minimalist concept gives architects the option to create more space, bring in more light, achieve more openness and offer better views. It’s not just an oriel window: it’s a complete solution. We will also explore the option of adding sun protection and intensive ventilation on a project-by-project basis, so that indoor comfort is always guaranteed.

Raamuitbouw Renson concept home
raamuitbouw aan zee

Six reasons to choose this oriel window

Sleek design with maximum glass surface area and slim edges
Thermally studied construction details
More indoor space
Time saved on the building site due to the prefab principle
Readymade solution tailored to your project
180° panoramic view due to glazed sides

Minimalist design, maximum daylight

Using a slender aluminium edge of just 60 mm, a minimalist and sleek design is achieved. Fitting glass to two or three sides achieves maximum daylight. The amount of light coming in is enhanced further by an inside finish with 45° faceting on each edge joint. This inside finish also reduces the insulation thickness needed for the floor and ceiling.

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Raamuitbouw Renson concept home
Peter Gilbert

Peter Gilbert
Project engineer

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